It is our mission to utilize today’s technologies to capture your special moments. The combination of digital photography and post editing software  provide endless possibilities for both artists and their customers.

Metro Digital Imaging was born as a result of working with high school athletes. Recognizing that high school athletic participation is a source of indelible memories and friendships later in life, we thought it would be equally valuable to enhance those memories with images that reach far beyond the high school yearbook. The resulting work has pleased parents and athletes alike and will surely be the impetus for wonderful stories for years to come.

In today’s  world graphic arts and marketing go hand and hand. Organizations and businesses alike have a need to build an identity or “brand” that  is used in all of their promotional materials and activities. Reach out to us for assistance with logo creation, advertising brochures,  web design, silk screening and direct mail. These valuable tools can provide the competitive edge that drives your success.

If you are having a party and need to send invitations or thank you cards, consider our graphic art or your photos for incorporation into works of art that will have  your friends, family and colleagues complimenting your extra effort. Simple address lists can be created that will allow us to not only create the art, but fulfill the entire mailing process for you. Contact us for more details.

The loss of a friend or loved one can bring about conceivably the greatest pain and emptiness that humans can feel. While grieving we are often left without the capacity to honor the lives of those we so dearly miss. In giving comfort to others and dealing with our own sorrow we have turned to our technology and talents to create memorials for those who have passed for use at funerals and memorial services as well as keepsakes. The overwhelming response has led to great demand for this service. Arguably there is no better use of art than to honor the lives of others and give comfort for those they have left behind. Check out our memorial section of this site for more information.

Thank you for visiting this website and it is our sincere hope that our services can bring  happiness and success to you in all your endeavors.